Namayingo District is a district in Eastern Uganda. The district is named after its ‘chief town’, Namayingo, where the district headquarters are located.

The district was established by Act of Parliament and began functioning on July 1, 2010. Prior to that it was part of Bugiri District. Namayingo District is part of Busoga sub-region. Other districts in Busoga include:

  1. Buyende District,
  2. Iganga District
  3. Jinja District
  4. Kaliro District
  5. Kamuli District
  6. Luuka District
  7. Mayuge District and
  8. Namutumba District.

Prior to 2000, the two main activities in the district were (a) subsistence agriculture on the mainland and (b) commercial fishing on the lakeshores and on the islands in Lake Victoria. The discovery of gold deposits in the district has attracted many new residents to the area, performing such activities as: miners, washers, grinders, middlemen, buyers as well as salesmen of the hardware used in the artisanal gold mining industry, such as pick axes, shovels, pails, basins, ropes and ladders.