Through the restructuring exercise done by the Ministry of Public Service (FY 2016/2017), the Planning Unit was elevated to a department effective June 2017. The District Planning department mandate is to develop comprehensive and integrated District Plans, monitor and evaluate their implementation, it is also in charge of coordinating the planning process, Monitoring of District Projects, Providing support to Lower Local Governments in development planning, coordinating the District and National assessment exercise and carrying out of feasibility studies among others. It usually works hand in hand with the Finance department in the planning and budgeting processes

Currently, the Office is manned by the following officers;


Ag, Senior District Planner, Mr. Mangeni martin and Ag,Planner Mr Mangeni Ronald 

Functions of the Department

a) To formulate, develop and coordinate District development strategies, plans and budgets;
b) To prepare and disseminate performance standards and indicators for the district to users;
c) To provide Technical support to Departments in preparation and production of District Development Plans;
d) To determining District investment priorities;
e) To coordinate, monitor and evaluate performance of District and Lower Local Government Development Plans, programmes and projects;
f) To maintain District Management Information System;
g) To develop and maintain an up-to-dated databank for planning and decision making purposes;
h) To appraise National and district policy; and
i) To produce minutes of Technical Planning Committee
j) To collect, analyse and store data into useful information for end users;
k) To prepare and coordinate work plans and budgets;
l) To develop and constantly review District plans, projects and local government policies;

Achievement for Financial Year 2016/2017

The department registered the following achievements in accordance with the planned outputs for the FY with the available resource envelope:-

  • Coordinated the National Housing & Population census & according to the summary results, Namayingo district total population is now at 215,443
  • Coordinated 12  District Technical Planning Committee meetings
  • Coordinated the preparation and submission of quarterly progressive reports for the FY 2016/17 to the MoLG, OPM and MoFPED
  • Monitored projects and programs implementation by the various departments and LLGs.
  • Prepared the Annual work plan for the FY 2016/ 17
  • Prepared the Budget Frame work paper that laid the foundation for the planning process for the FY 2016 /17

Planned activities for Financial Year 2017/2018

  • Preparation of quarterly reports
  • Preparation of Budget Framework Papers, planning and Budgeting cycle
  • Prepared the Annual work plan for the FY 2017/ 18
  • Coordinate District Technical Planning Committee meetings
  • Monitor projects and programs implementation by the various departments and LLGs
  • Refinement of the District Development Plan II
  • Development of Namayingo District LG HIV Strategic Plan
  • Development of Namayingo District LG Statistical Plan
  • Development of Namayingo District LG Nutritional Action Plan


The department can fully achieve all its planned activities if the following constraints are minimized or attended to

  • Limited Funding despite the mandated activities
  • Lack of Transport, the department has no means of transport to collect data, monitor and evaluate programmes and project activities
  • Non functionality of Parish Development Committees to collect data in the communities.
  • Lack of a proper mechanism to update the district data base
  • Negative attitude of the communities towards attending planning meetings
  • Limited participation of men in development activities whereas they control most of the resources that foster development like land
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