Authorities in Namayingo close school over Cholera

Authorities in Namayingo district local government have closed Buduma primary school in Bukana sub county following an outbreak of cholera disease.

The district task force resolved to close the school in the meeting held today in the finance boardroom following a confirmed case of Cholera in the school. The school also has challenges of sanitation facilities.

With a total population of 532 pupils, the school has only one pit-latrine with five stances shared by pupils and teachers.

“The only available pit-latrine is filled up and dilapidated. Pupils can’t access such a facility especially in this situation where there is a confirmed case of Cholera in the school,” Deborah Mwesigwa Mugerwa, the Resident District Commissioner.

Mwesigwa said that the only option was to suspend classes until next term to prevent the spread of the disease.

The district task force also resolved that the affected school should conduct an early end of term two examinations for pupils.

“No more classes in the affected school. We have directed the district education department to organize end of term two examinations for the school effective next week,” Mwesigwa said.

Recently, the Ministry of Health confirmed an outbreak of Cholera in the district. So far, four cases have been confirmed in the sub counties of Sigulu and Bukana

Cholera is characterized by watery diarrheal and vomiting. It can be spread through eating and drinking foods contaminated with faeces of an infected person. 

The district Chairperson Ronald Sanya said that Cholera outbreak demands immediate action to prevent further spread and safeguard public health.

To contain the spread of the disease, the district has received support from ministry of health, UNICEF, World Health Organization, Uganda health Activities, among others.

The public has been urged to maintain proper sanitation in homes and communities to prevent spread of the disease.

In the same meeting, the authorities also directed the district health department to enforce public health act in communities.

“Arrest all the people without sanitation facilities in their homes,” Mwesigwa said.





Wednesday, August 2, 2023